Measuring colour or light with imaging systems, spectrometers, colorimeters or light meters can be useful in many different applications. To help you choose the right measurement equipment our application pages explain the basic principles behind different measurements and suitable products. The application guides and technical notes available on the application pages contain more technical data and measurement instructions.

디스플레이 측정
Measuring various parameters of displays such as colour, white point adjustment, flicker, uniformity, etc…
조명 측정
Measurements of LED and SSL products including radiant power, irradiance, flicker, CRI, PAR and other spectral measurements.
General information about spectral measurements: from the basic principles of light and measuring light, up to preconfigured and configurable spectrometers.
이미징 측정
Applications based on imaging colorimeter with integrated spectrometers including display and luminous surface measurements to check aspects such as pixel defects, uniformity and many more.