Outlining the Steropes LED Series Light Source

It is impossible to perform accurate transmissive or reflective light measurements without a suitable light source. This was the surprisingly simple principle that underlined the development of Admesy’s halogen and LED light sources. Displays, light emitting diodes (LEDs), and solid-state lighting (SSL) act as their own light sources and spectrophotometric equipment can directly acquire the optical properties without the need for additional illumination. Yet this is not the case for all light measuring applications.

Transmission and reflectivity measurements are only as reliable as the incident light source used to illuminate the sample material. Thin films, foils, glass, and solutions in cuvettes are routinely analyzed through radiometric and colorimetric methods. This enables analysts to assess various physiochemical properties such as the optical density and color of materials in various phases. However, the accuracy of acquired results is utterly dependent on the stability and accuracy of the light source used in light measurement experiments.

This blog post will explore capacities and applications of Admesy’s Steropes LED Series light source in detail.

Steropes LED Series Specifications

The Steropes LED Series is an ultra-stable light source that is internally regulated. It is based around a standard white, a royal blue, or a full-spectrum LED that can adjust its spectral output across its entire range in increments of 0.1%. This translates to outstanding accuracy that is ensured with rapid stabilization within 10 milliseconds.

Custom wavelengths are available for specific spectrometric or colorimetric applications, but the standard Steropes LED Series provides extremely pure and stable lighting across the following ranges:

  • LED natural white: 420 – 780 nanometres (nm);

  • LED royal blue: 410 – 490nm;

  • LED full spectrum: 380 – 780nm;

Each of these is available in stand-alone variations with several interfaces to tightly control the light output in real-time. Regardless of the operating mode, the light source is modulated by a built-in colorimeter which ensures operating accuracy to within 0.1%.

Applications of the Steropes Light Source

The Steropes LED Series light source has a broad range of application areas, with good compatibility for several operating systems thanks to the component’s multiple interfaces. They are also suitable for light measurement experiments in vacuum conditions. This significantly broadens the potential areas of application for the Steropes LED light source. It has successfully been used to measure the transmissivity and reflectivity of solids and is suitable for fluorescence and photoluminescence of chemical samples in cuvettes.

Light Sources from Admesy

Admesy provides an extensive range of light measurement devices for research and development (R&D), quality control (QC), and quality assurance (QA) processes. Our light sources include the Steropes LED Series and the HDX Series of halogen light sources.

If you would like any more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.